Alan Bradley and Francis Quigley
Francis Quigley and Alan Bradley are the creators of MANDOWN. They wrote and produced the short film together in 2015. MANDOWN was premiered at LYNX's Black Space in London. 

MANDOWN began in 2015 when Alan and Francis wanted to write and film something that they really cared about. After the writing process was complete they set up a Kick Starter campaign and raised just over £1500 in under a month. They began reaching out to other companies with similar interests and through this they met mental health charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) and HEADSTRONG who they worked with to ensure the film sent out the right message for men suffering with mental health. 

The films aim is to raise awareness of mental health in men in a way that is not over dramatised and in turn relatable. The short film directs it's focus on the friend to the individual suffering with his mental health. 

The story follows Brian as he tries to struggles to understand why his friend has become so closed off and unengaged with the real world. Brian takes measures to seek advice and eventually confronts Jack, but not as you might think...

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